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The business was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2016 as a concept, and our major goal is to offer the highest-quality furniture that people can use on a daily basis. The brand tells a story using its two defining characteristics, infinity, and curiosity. Each product is rooted in value, built to last, and inspired to bring comfort—the knowledge that it is there. Beyond appearances, we engineer and create goods that function. 

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To make custom furniture that is as unique as you are, our expert craftsmen use time-tested methods and the highest grade exotic woods. Home Interact is dedicated to offering exceptional craftsmanship. We sweat the minutiae, and the only things we can guarantee are your complete satisfaction and their unique character! Seize genuine handcrafted items made from natural materials and built to last a lifetime.


Our love of travel has allowed us to cooperate with artists from all over the world in addition to our local production in the UAE. Our goods’ exquisite design and top-notch craftsmanship capture the spirit and culture of their respective countries of origin. Join us as we explore the world of furniture.

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Home Interact timber is a perfect fit if you appreciate trees and fine furniture. We’re committed to making exquisite, handcrafted furniture using wood acquired locally. The meticulous selection of color-matched timbers and our multi-step process assure that the final product will be as uniform as possible. At a very affordable price, we provide all the advantages of European Pine, oak wood, Reclaimed sustainable wood. So feel free to give your property the appearance and atmosphere you like.